• add_circleAre you official?
  • add_circleWhat are your sources? How is the data gathered for this project?
    We are using Ministry of Health press briefings and official handles to update our numbers. The data is validated by a group of volunteers and published into a database. The objective is to use this data in the fight against the virus. The source list is here. .
  • add_circleWhen does covid19kenya.org get updated?
    The site is a tracker that is guided exclusively by MOH updates and is only updated after MOH releases their daily briefs or reports.
  • add_circleWho are you?
    We are a group of dedicated volunteers comprising of teams from Dynasty Africa Analytics who curate and verify the data coming from several sources. Our objective is to keep the public informed using graphical representation. We believe that by converting data into graphs, we will make information sharable through social media & user smart phones in the hope that we can be able to help flatten the curve.
  • add_circleWhy are you guys putting in time and resources to do this while not gaining a single penny from it?
    Because it affects all of us. Today it's someone else who is getting infected; tomorrow it could be us. We need to prevent the spread of this virus. We need to document the data so that people with knowledge can use this data to make informed decisions #komeshacorona.